Allgemein Hawaii Maui

What did we do all the time?

Also for us time passed by so quickly but we are really happy and thankful for this amazing and challenging trip. Beside the things we posted in our blog we did some more stuff like going to the Maui Ocean Center (here we realized actually how good our Wilhelma in Stuttgart is) or a lot of beaches because this was the best thing to do with two kids (we’ll write a short summary about the beaches on Maui).

But the best and most essential thing we did was growing as family. Each relationship between all family members reached another level and we understand each other better than before. I guess that’s what’s a parental leave is all about: getting along better and develop a deeper understanding for each others. This probably would have happened on all places around the world and not only on the other side of the world of course but it’s nice to have these insights in flip flops and bikini 🤙😀

We wish you all (meanwhile from Haleiwa, Oahu) an amazing start to a hopefully gorgeous year 2020 – keep on going for new adventures in order to get to know yourself and your loved ones better!

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