Hawaii Maui

Whale watching

A must do thing is definitely whale watching, if you happen to be on Maui during the whale watching peak season that starts in December and goes until March. That‘s the time when you are able to see Pacific Humpback whales either from the shore (we saw whales as we were on the Napili Beach) or you go on a whale watching tour, like we did as well. There are lots of different tours available from bigger boats to very small boats. Since we travel with two toddlers, it was an easy decision: we would need a whale watching tour where the kids can walk around on the boat. We chose to book a tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation for a two-hour trip starting at 11:30 am from Lahaina. We were just about 15 minutes on our way as we spotted the first whales and there were more to come. Most people chose to sit outside because of the sunny weather, but we went inside just after a few minutes. First of all, we sat on the upper deck and the boat was rocking due to the waves more up there, and downstairs we could sit inside allowing the kids to walk around. This was actually a very good idea, since it was quite empty. We could walk to the other side of the boat as whales showed up on the other side anytime. We also went outside, after the crew told us kids could go in the front for a better view. Sometimes it‘s very good to have your kids with you 😉🤙 From the front we saw different kinds of whales (pygmy killer whales and humpback) and we even saw dolphins which made our oldest son very happy. He is now a huge fan of whales, dolphins and fishes in general.

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