Hawaii Maui

Aloha – arriving in paradise & the first week

Going from LA to Kahului Airport on Maui means a six hours flight. We chose Hawaiian Airlines and were very satisfied with our decision. You really need to watch the safety instructions video available on YouTube! Until now that was definitely the funniest safety instruction we ever seen! And yes this is really what they show their passengers before take off!

Our flight left at 8 am, so we spent the night at a hotel nearby LAX. Both kids were behaving really well the whole flight. Our older son was allowed to watch kids stuff on the iPad as long as he liked and of course he watched the entire flight. As we arrived he fell asleep before we stepped out of the plane and got awake as we were about to enter our rental car. Also our younger one was sleeping during starting and landing and in between he was in a really good mood. The only thing that wasn’t so nice, was the air conditioning that was way too cold for us.

After picking up our baggage we walked to the car rental area, but first we of course bought a lei for each one of us. We arrived at the apartment which is really great and got settled in.

And now we are almost 1,5 weeks in paradise and we have to say: there is no catch. Endless summer, always warm (day & night), the people are friendly, nice, chilled and positive but what else should you be in such good conditions.

So what are we doing the whole day long: first of all thanks to the kindergarden we are not used of having the kids around us all the time so it’s also for us different and a new experience. We all have to get used to it and find our routines especially because we are on holiday. The climate is comfortable for us, but the kids get really tired and therefore we have to find a balance between action and daily life. We are getting closer 😉🤙. But what are we doing: Beaches, beaches & beaches, great sunsets. Today some surfing for Birgit, on Monday a visit to a pineapple plantation and next week the sunrise at Haleakalā: things you do on Maui 😀. Plus: we already saw some Green Sea Turtles (honu) swimming and what is really rare: a Hawaiian Monk Seal lying lazy on the beach enjoying the sun and taking a nap. We are not yet sure, if we should do the route to Hana but we’ll definitely do some whale watching in December. So enough words here some impressions:

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