Hawaii Maui

A tour with the reef dancer

As kids won’t do so much snorkeling and we are actually also not into snorkeling (although we bought a snorkeling mask for our oldest and brought it around the whole globe to Maui – yes it will stay here and won’t make it back to Germany 😉) we booked a tour with the Reef dancer in Lahaina. This ship has a bottom made of glass and therefore you can see the underwater world. It was really great – the kids were so interested in the reef and the fishes and even our youngest was squeaking in delight when he saw some fishes passing by. We even saw a turtle and the team of the Reef dancer crew were diving and brought always something new to show the people in the boat. So if you have kids and your are yourself not interested in snorkeling so much it’s a perfect substitute.

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    1. War mehr Glasfenster Boot, aber sie beschreiben sich selbt als “Glass bottom boat” und daher habe ich das übernommen… ich lade die Tage einmal ein Video vom Inneren hoch (klappt grad nicht ;)). Man sitzt dort bequem unter Wasser und kann sich die Fische anschauen ohne naß zu werden 😉

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