Hawaii Maui

Road to Hana

Another thing to do on Maui is to take the so called „road to Hana“ on the east side of the isle. The Hana Highway is just about 100 km, but it‘s a road with more than 600 curves and 59 bridges, which are mostly only one lane. It is also said to be very narrow and windy. The road goes through rainforests and you pass waterfalls. Hana is also said to be the last Hawaiian town on Maui. So we decided to start early which means 7 a.m. in order to avoid too much traffic.

Before we made a stop at the Garden of Eden that was perfect for the kids we accidentally walked a pretty muddy and steep trail through the “jungle” which was pretty impressive for the kids 😉. We thought at the end there will be a waterfall but ist was “just” the jungle…

Like most stuff we experienced during our stay in North America: things are not as bad as people describe it in discussion groups on the internet. Perhaps we think that the road was not a “very dangerous and hard to drive” road because we are from Europe and we are used to drive the streets in the Alps or unpaved roads else where. Anyway, the best part of the road trip started after Hana continuing the road south of Maui. Normally people drive to Hana and turn around back the same way they came from. We decided to take the whole roundtrip and drive further onward. It was the best decision because the road between Hana and Kula is the best part. Gorgeous landscape and fantastic lookouts everywhere and the best thing is that there arte almost no cars 😀. The rental car agency tell you that you are not allowed to drive a short part of the, road because it’s not an asphalted road but the truth is that they only won’t come if something happens, because it takes them too long to get there. So, just cross your fingers that nothing will happen or somebody who is nice will help you out and stop 😜. In fact all of the road is pretty much doable and if your are not too fast on your way over the road holes nothing will happen.

P.s.: yes Google Maps is much easier to use and integrate into WordPress. It took me quite a while to figure out how to generate your own map without having already a tracked tour in GPX or KML but we want to stick to our way and be suckerberg free (and also as much as possible Google free)

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