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Big wave competition in Jaws (Pe‘ahi)

Maui is known for its big waves on the North shore in winter. We were in the lucky position to be here on Maui exactly at the time when the Jaws Big Wave Competition took place, and even better we were there! It was amazing to watch the competition. But to get there is really not that easy. Pe’ahi is the actual name of this place. You need either a four wheel car or better a jeep to get there and as we don’t have both of it we decided to walk at least downhill. You could try to get a ride with a shuttle (pickup or Unimog) sitting on the platform, and paying 10 dollars per person (yes, that goes also for the kids).

So walking down was really fun with the two toddlers. One sitting in the stroller and the other one on the back in a baby carrier. People we met who were on their way back uphill told us we will never make it there. But of course that just got us more motivated. A short part of the road was muddy, but even that was no problem for our stroller. Only one guy admitted that if we are European we would perhaps manage to get to the lookout of the competition 😉

We got to the first lookout after a 2,5 km walk and went a few meters down to the second lookout. We decided to stay at that lookout, since the way down to the shore was narrow and steep. But we had a great view from up there and watched the final of the men’s competition. We were also lucky to have a better camera with an amazing zoom lens so we could see a little bit of the amazing sides on the huge waves.

We decided to take a pickup the way uphill with a funny guy who didn’t want money for the kids and gave us fresh oranges and avocados after we arrived in civilization again 🤙

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