Big Island Hawaii Maui

Big Island and the volcanos

Our primary decision for Maui was because you find more sand beaches on Maui than on Big Island and for small kids it’s better to have a big sandbox. Big Island is the “youngest” island of Hawaii and in fact it’s called Hawaii. To avoid confusion with the term “Hawaii” for all islands everybody calls the island Hawaii “Big Island”. Big Island is an interesting, and like the name says, big island (has 11 climate zones) and therefore we decided at least to make a short trip to the island. We flew with a Cessna (Mokulele Airlines) from Kapalua (a very small airport at the west coat of Maui) to Kona (Big Island). This flight is our substitution for a helicopter flight 😉

It’s the same weather game like on Maui: at the west coast you find more sun and at the east coast it’s raining quite a lot. We had an apartment close to Kona (west coast) and wanted to see volcanos and lava in a kids friendly way. So we decided to book a guide to manage to see as much as possible in one day. I found Kupau tours ( and we could arrange an individual tour with Bruno, which was really awesome. Bruno and Gabi are both from Switzerland and so the tour was even in German. I could now write about all the places we have been but here is a small video to get an impression of Big Island.

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