Hawaii Maui

Buying an ukulele

One of the things on my personal bucket list for this trip was of course to buy an ukulele. We bought a simple one for our oldest son when he was half a year old. Ever since he – and now also his younger brother – likes to „play“ the ukulele.

To be honest, I didn‘t have a clue what to buy, so the first thing to do was the inform myself on the internet. There you find lots of advice. Quite fast I came to the conclusion that what I need is a so called tenor ukulele, which is bigger than the common small soprano ukuleles that often look and sound as toys. Moreover, guitar player usually prefer tenor ukuleles as well, not only because of the more guitar like sound but also how it feels to play.

Unfortunately 100% Hawaiian made ukuleles are very expensive (starts at round about 900 $), so that was not really an option for me. A local friend gave the advice to go the Bountymusic – a music store in Kahului. The staff is really friendly and helped me to find the right ukulele for me: a Kamoa L5-T Solid Walnut with a wonderful sound. Mahalo!

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