Maui Surfing

With a surf board on top of your car…

…you have the feeling that you really arrived 😀 Having the surf board on the top of our car makes you almost a real Hawaiian. Also the guy at the gasoline station asked if we are locals or here for vacation when we were paying. People with a VW bus pass by our car and show us a shaka and you feel even more the Aloha spirit.

I had my first surf lesson last week in Lahaina and I have to admit: if you have the chance and ability to learn surfing on Hawaii just do it. Forget Portugal (ok that’s the only spot where I tried it before) but the teacher was way better and I don’t know what it is but you just surf the waves here. So be sure you book a flight to Hawaii in order to learn surfing 🤙

We are at the west coast of Maui which is a good spot for beginners in winter times. I took the lesson in Lahaina and now rented a board in order to do some practice on my own. You always have to pay attention to the coral reef but if you are far enough outside and the water is deeper it shouldn’t bother you anymore. P.S. the picture of this article was taken in Hoʻokipa last week…

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  1. Leider noch nicht und die Wellen waren wirklich groß von daher wage ich es zu bezweifeln, dass ich so gut am Ende des Urlaubs bin 🙂 Ist in Realität mal wieder beeindruckender als auf dem Bild.

    Sorry, dass es mit dem Freischalten der Kommentare nicht so schnell klappt. Irgendwie erhalte ich keine Benachrichtigung wenn ein Kommentar geschrieben wurde. Ich gelobe Verbesserung 😉

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