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From San Francisco to LA on Highway 1

On our way to LA and Disney Land we wanted to drive via Monterey to see and smell the sea lions, but the kids were sleeping (or screaming because they were hungry – I can’t remember 😉). So we decided to drive further on the highway 1. Also because it was anyway already quite late and the best part of the highway was still ahead of us. It really was an interesting and amazing road with a beautiful sunset. We arrived in San Simeon in the dark and just went to sleep.


The breakfast was fantastic and we drove the rest of the route to LA. Our plan was to go to a playground close to Santa Monica but the kids woke up before LA in Calabasas and had definitely too much energy to wait until Santa Monica. So we decided to go to the playground we just passed by which was a good idea: we spended 3 hours at the playground and were occasionally the last family leaving this area. So we again arrived at night in our hotel. As the hotel was close to the center of LA In Koreatown you could see both sides of such a big city everywhere with people living in tents and on the streets. Our Airbnb in San Francisco was quite outside the center so we only got a notion when seeing the people during daytime in the parks and some on the streets. But in LA we were in the middle of everything which was also a good experience for our big son.

At the next day we were only walking quickly over the walk of fame before driving to our next stop: Disney Land and here especially Cars Land.

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