Hawaii San Francisco

Silicon Valley – different than imagined

Before we were leaving SF and joining a real American Halloween trick or treat event we were driving through Silicon Valley and passed by some places. In fact the valley is different than we imagined. It’s more a desert with only some buildings which are surrounded by a little infrastructure like coffee shops and restaurants. I can’t describe what we were thinking Silicon Valley would be like, but definitely not like that. We thought it would be more like several connected industrial areas, but in fact it was like some singular building in the desert. We passed by Facebook, Google and the garage where Steve Jobs started his business. The plan was to continue to Cupertino, but the kids woke up and were hungry. So we grabbed some food and went to a playground.

Then we got to know how it is to be in the rush hour. Normally it would take us about 1 hour to drive to Julias home (where we could spend the evening trick or treating), we thought it would be safe to start 2 hours in advance and in fact we needed 3 hours to get there.

But driving to Julia was quite worth it: we had really fun and our oldest son was first a little bit shy, but after the second door he ran first to the doors and was very ambiguous to get more candies even there were sometimes dogs yelling inside 🤟😀

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