Hawaii San Francisco

If you are going to San Francisco

We thought that we could wear some flowers in our hair, but the kids were so tired so we just tried to get our rental car ASAP. The flight itself was quite entertaining and ended quicker than imagined. We all even sleept a little bit and the extra bassinet for Nico was very useful.

When we picked up our luggage we thought we had our bag, but it was the same bag of somebody else. Thankfully we realized it pretty fast 😀. Getting to and in our Airbnb was easy and we got even some more sleep. But around 4 o’clock local time the jet lag hit us and everybody couldn’t sleep anymore. So we decided to get up and go shopping for some food. We found a Safeway close to our Airbnb which was opened 24/7.

After shopping we were still pretty awake and therefore we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge direction north of San Francisco where some fires are in the woods. We enjoyed the view from one place and drove to another one where we had the chance of seeing the sunrise with San Francisco and the bridge.

After this amazing sunrise we drove further direction Muir Woods but they had to shutdown the power because of the fires north of San Francisco. So we drove further to a dropout village (Bolinas) and wanted to grab some lunch there but they had no power either so we drove back to SF.

Before going back to our Airbnb we shortly visited the Haight-Ashbury and had a small Beer at the Magnolia brewery.

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